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After 20 years of working in a high stress business environment, Sarah experienced the traumatic loss of her mom and within a few short months, she found herself experiencing health issues, including severe panic attacks, inability to sleep, weight gain and significant hair loss. She quickly realized that immediate changes were needed to regain a sense of physical, emotional and spiritual health.  She started a process of reflection and re-evaluation and soon found her way back to the beginning of her adult life, with a desire to help others.  The next phase of her journey included both healing herself and learning modalities to help others on their personal journeys of self-discovery.  

Sarah is a young spirit and an old soul and coaches from an intuitive & compassionate place.  


She has the innate ability to find the right tool for the right person at the right time.  


Sarah is a certified Success Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, Reiki Master, Breathwork Facilitator and Meditation Teacher.

Sarah has accomplished a lot on her own journey of personal growth and self-love, having to overcome many of her own self-limiting beliefs, which had created fears that were holding her back.  It has taken years of practice, patience and persistence to undo all the subconscious programming that was preventing true happiness and finally arriving at a place where she is comfortable being unapologetically true to herself.


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