Are you ready to magnetize your biggest

dream yet?


Through a unique combination of alternative healing modalities, intuition and business experience, you will release internal struggles to begin living your biggest dream. With my guidance, you can release intense or negative emotions, minimize overwhelm and burnout and regain equilibrium, daily. We all experience resistance, the key is to identify and move through it with intention, awareness and self-compassion. In working with me, you will: utilize your mindset to purposefully create the reality you desire; resolve feelings of scarcity that are holding you back from experiencing positive change; witness renewed excitement and empowerment as you go after your next biggest dream.


1:1 program

A group program to move you from thoughts of fear and scarcity to a place excitement and courage so that you can unlock your potential, creating your best version of self. 

  • 8 x 60-minute 1:1 virtual calls  

  • Utilize hypnosis, NLP and EFT to create the life you desire; internal change, external gain

  • Clear your negative emotions, memories, limiting beliefs preventing positive change

  • Rebalance nervous system using mindfulness and breathing techniques 

  • Create a new goal to experience optimum physical, mental, emotional well-being 

  • Implement weekly action plan (template provided) to reach your goal with ease and results

  • Witness momentum and results through accountability during calls

      Investment: $2,200

      OR $1300 X2 payments


group, 10 max.

Move you from thoughts of fear and scarcity to a place excitement and courage so that you can unlock your potential and create the best version of yourself. 

  • A 3-month program: 45-minute calls weekly (online)

  • Calls recorded to access  

  • Month 1: Nourish Mind by Releasing Negative Emotions

  • Week 1 – Understand the Impact of Your Emotions Week 2 –Tools to Release Negative Emotions

  • Week 3 – Identify & Overcome Self Limiting Beliefs Week 4 – The Journey from Awareness to Self-Love  

  • Month 2: Self-Regulation & Personal Power

  • Week 1 – The Basics of Breathwork Week 2 – Taking Responsibility for your Life

  • Week 3 – Reclaim Your Personal Power & Confidence  Week 4 - Methods for Creating Healthy Boundaries 

  • Month 3: Magnetization! 

  • Week 1 - Create Goal utilizing Law of Attraction Week 2 - The Practice of Gratitude to Magnetize Results 

  • Week 3 - Get Your Mindset Straight Week 4 - LOA Tools to Magnetize in 30-days 

Investment: $789 per person OR $425 x 2 payments



Sign up for one or all four in the series. Regain nervous system calm, better manage day to day stressors, source innate solutions for life’s ups and downs. You will experience several healing modalities including but not limited to; breathwork, EFT/tapping, and self-hypnosis.

  • Magnetize your Money Mindset; shift from lack into abundance 

  • Move from stress to ease in your daily experience

  • Learn to Manifest what you want now with ease 

  • Establish your Worth and Value in the World

Investment: $150 per series OR  $49 per session